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A Physician-Led Bootcamp For Entrepreneurial Doctors

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The Practice Accelerator is an interactive course packed with valuable guides and resources to equip physicians for independent practice

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The Four-Week Course Will Cover:

Business Plan & Credentialing

  • Big-picture overview of practice strategy from a business standpoint
  • How to create a business plan to secure financing
  • Considerations for credentialing timelines and contracts
  • Key Deliverables: Business Plan Template, Credentialing Checklist

Financial Basics & Branding

  • Expectations for year-one practice finances
  • Reasonable patient growth expectationsIdentifying sources of capital
  • Key Deliverables: Year One Budget Pro Forma Template, Financial & Marketing Checklist

HR, Equipment, & Technology

  • How to plan for staffing needs and setting up payroll
  • Sourcing practice medical equipment
  • Basics for HIPAA-compliant technological infrastructure
  • Key Deliverables: HR, Equipment & Tech checklist

Practice Operations & Legal

  • Sourcing office and medical supplies
  • Compliance and employment documentation requirements
  • Properly insuring your practice for medical, employment, and cyber
  • Key Deliverables: Practice Operations & Legal Checklist
Course enrollment includes access to our customized business plan template, practice financial pro forma template, as well as our master checklists

Meet Your Course Instructors

Jessica Jameson, MD, FASA

Jessica Jameson, MD, FASA

Dr. Jameson is a board certified pain management physician, practice founder and key opinion leader in interventional pain management. She successfully launched and scaled Axis Spine Center to a multimodal pain treatment center employing 16 care providers, and wants to now equip other physicians to replicate her success.

Amy Griffitts Reynolds

Amy Griffitts Reynolds

Amy Griffitts Reynolds is a practice operations expert with an accounting background and hands-on experience in overseeing operations at a growing pain practice. She has worked closely with Dr. Jameson to develop policies, procedures, and infrastructure to allow Axis Spine Center to thrive as they experienced rapid growth in terms of patients and staff.

Justin Harvey, CFP®, ChFC

Justin Harvey, CFP®, ChFC

Justin Harvey is a leading voice in the pain management community and has worked closely with numerous pain physicians to help them troubleshoot business challenges, identify growth drivers, and help physicians to understand the role of their practice and other medical businesses in the context of their journey to financial independence.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Practice Accelerator?

The Practice Accelerator is a collaborative effort between a practice-launching physician, a practice administrator, and a financial advisor to physicians. We leverage years of experience and countless industry contacts and resources to distill the essential elements of a successful practice launch, all jam-packed into a four-week course.


I'm considering starting a practice but not sure if I want to move forward. Should I consider the Practice Accelerator?

The Practice Accelerator is an ideal fit for physicians who are trying to assess if they have “what it takes” to launch and scale a practice on your own. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the burden of business ownership to see if it makes sense for you to take the next step.



What if I have questions before signing up?

If you want to talk to one of our instructors, schedule a call here to see if this course could be a fit for you

Why does the Practice Accelerator exist?

We believe that when physicians have the independence to practice medicine on their own terms, this provides significant protection from burnout and overwhelm. Doctors are happier, patients receive better care, and everyone wins. There are currently precious few resources to equip pain physicians to do all of this work themselves. We want to create a curriculum, and ultimately a community, of like-minded pain doctors who see entrepreneurship as a desirable path forward.



What do I get when I enroll in the Practice Accelerator?

When you enroll, you get:

  • A year-one pro forma template will allow you to build out a practice revenue and expense budget
  • A business plan template customized for pain management practice launch
  • Our Practice Accelerator Master Checklist of key considerations for practice launch, covering all essential facets of opening and operating a pain practice
  • Four interactive sessions with our team of advisors where you can ask questions applicable to your situation and get direct feedback
  • Access to our community of alumni, consultants, physicians, and others who are passionate about enabling independent physician practice

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